Welcome to Future Stars Association

About Us

We train youth beyond the game of soccer. We help our players sharpen their focus so that they can keep their attention undivided for a longer period. As they improve their discipline, it builds confidence on and off the field. We challenge and encourage them every day to push themselves a bit more to excel even in adverse situations. Our players develop leadership skills. They also learn how to play as a team, and respect everyone involved in the game. They develop social skills and transcend beyond winning & losing. They learn how to be fully involved, not only in the game of soccer but also in other activities. We also encourage parents to engage themselves in the development of their children. Through recreation, we equip youth with necessary skills to build a strong relationship with their families. We enhance the lives of young people living in inner-city communities through sports and activities that are rooted in fun. We give our children necessary knowledge, discipline and various opportunities to make them successful in their lives. We teach life skills using the game as a catalyst, which will help develop technical & tactical skills.  

Our Goals

  • To create a robust, sustainable set of programs for kids of all ages, races, genders, and financial backgrounds
  • To enhance the lives of people in urban communities through sports
  • To empower youth beyond the status quo
  • To produce the next intercity soccer tournament

Our Mission

We are inspired by our mission to train youth in tactical and technical skills in soccer. We teach necessary life skills using sport as a catalyst. We want to enhance the lives of young people living in inner-city communities through sports. We want to encourage those activities which support ethical principles, are educational and rooted in fun. We hope to give our children the discipline, knowledge, and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives.

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